com•ple•men•ta•ry (adjective)
1. Completing; forming a complement.
2. (of two or more different things) Combining in such a
way as to enhance or emphasize each other's qualities.

What We Are About


"Our mission for the
Steven J. Finkel 'rockhoperide' Foundation
is to serve as an organization that promotes, educates and serves the cancer patient (and their support system) on the usefulness, effectiveness and benefit of Complementary Treatments that can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments. This mission honors and respects the battle that Steven fought, allowing his memory to live on in others facing similar challenges."

How we got here:

Our namesake's passion was making a difference and helping people. He did it through out his life. First, by mentoring, supporting and encouraging in the music business and his daily life. And then, after his cancer diagnosis (a.c.) his passion turned to finding a cure. To that end he thought one great way to raise money and make a difference would be to bring the LIVESTRONG Challenge to Indianapolis. He thought big. It was something he pursued until his untimely death.

And that's how 24hrs of Booty came about!


We believe music is a complement to well being

It sooths the soul

Music changes our emotions

It creates mood

It can uplift and feel encouraging

It brings joy and a sense of peace

It's healing

Always consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using any alternative treatments. All alternative treatments should be used in strict accordance with your Doctor’s or health care professional direction. All content on the Steven J. Finkel rock-hope-ride web site is provided as educational and informational only.

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